Home birthing plans

Baby number three due in March. Planning a home birth for the first time. With E it was long and difficult with various cascading interventions…..with B I was determined to stay at home as long as possible and did so, nearly not making it to the hospital. The first vaginal exam to check for dilation on arrival to hospital revealed his head crowning and he was out pretty quick (all 4.6kg of him!). So this time around I thought why not birth at home?

I have some concerns what some of our friends and family might think/say, but I am fairly confident in the safety issues, and that should we need it, we’d get to the hospital in time. I’ve asked a friend J to come and be an extra support person for me and D. He got quite tired last times looking after me, so it’ll be nice to have an extra support there too. J has had 5 kids, and home birthed the last one.

I’m also thinking of having E present for the birth. Still not sure how this will work out, but I think she’d love to be involved. She already thinks we’re having a girl….wants to call her Polly! We’ll have to wait and see….

23 weeks along now……suffering from SPD again…started getting symptoms from about 16 weeks. Waiting for hospital physiotherapy appointment.

It’s jolly painful most days. Makes it hard to get simple tasks done. Driving is sore cause it hurts to lift my leg from the accelorator to the brake. Lucky I don’t drive a manual car.

Baby is moving alot…..tummy is huge. Looks like I’m about 7 months already. People are already asking me when I’m due!


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