Small triumphs

Yay! Ben just went to sleep in his bed by himself with no discipline required, not getting up a thousand times, and I didn’t have to sit with him! This comes after a loonnng time of struggles of him sleeping well after moving him to a bed. Also today at mothers group, he was about to go out the door and I said “No Ben” and he said “Okay” with a smile and ran the other way. Cheerful obedience ! What a pleasure! I’m so glad because it has seemed lately that despite all our efforts, he just didn’t seem to be responding with any obedience. It seems consistancy is starting to pay off, just when I thought it wasn’t working!

I’m so glad (and hope it continues) because it has meant that Ben has required a lot of time and input and attention and Emma (whose behaviour is quite good at the moment) has missed out a bit and given up quite a bit of time and attention for her little brother. Bless her…….she’s a sweetie. D took her out yesterday for some Dad and daughter time….hope she enjoyed it.


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