He’s here! And home education thoughts.

Our third baby Ryan, arrived safely at home. He was smaller than Ben but a much harder delivery as he was posterior. Might write more about that another time, but for now I’m very pleased to be non-pregnant again! It really takes it’s toll on me, and I feel like I’m back to my usual self. I am full of hope again after a dreary end of pregnancy where I felt like there was no way I’d cope with three, and feeling like I’d never be really happy again. Terrible huh?

Anyway, now that he’s here it’s wonderful. I’m so enjoying the newborn cuddles and he’s such an easy baby to look after. D has had 2 weeks off work, and our friends have provided meals for us everyday for 2 weeks! I’m completely overwhelmed by that, and despite the fact that we’ve had only 2 of those meals that weren’t chicken (!!!!) we’ve been so well fed, and that takes alot of pressure off the day.

I’m considering home schooling (again!). I’ve been off and on with this idea for about a year now. It seems that when I’m coping I want to home school, and when I’m feeling stressed, I don’t think I could manage it. Well, right now I’m feeling quite positive about the whole thing. D would be supportive, although we haven’t discussed in great depth yet. I still have heaps of questions and have started some reading online, but considering getting some books.

I still don’t know if it is what is best for Emma, and whether I can do a good enough job at home keeping her interested and keeping her social contact up etc. I’m even having second thoughts about her attending kindy. On the one hand she seems to be enjoying it most days, and is clearly learning things (how to write and copy letters etc.) some days she seems to feel pressured by it and says to D today when he dropped her off “I don’t want to go to kindy. I want to learn at home, there’s just too much to do” I don’t quite know what she means by “too much to do,” but wonder if she feels some sort of pressure to preform or something.

I for one feel completely *$%^*@#& by the kindy head teacher at the moment because of the whole ‘lunchbox rules’ thing. They have ‘guidelines’ for what they should bring etc, (don’t get me started on that one!) but if there is a problem, instead of discussing it with the parents, they send the child home with the message “No more muesli bars” or “biscuits really are a treat and should be eaten at home”. This makes me see red! Firstly for the stupid rules in the first place (In my opinion, I am her mother and I will decide what she eats. I get this privilege simply because I am her mother and I pushed her out!) Secondly because they undermine me by dropping these hints at my child. I’m so fed up with having to tow the line to keep the powers that be happy!


3 thoughts on “He’s here! And home education thoughts.

  1. Hi Embejo,

    Trust all is well with you and your baby. Sounds from your last paragraph that you are a prime candidate for Home educating. ~smile~

    If you want a place to ask questions or just hang out, try:


    You have until the chn are 6 years old before you need to get them into school or apply for exemption from school under s21 of Education Act.

    Don’t rush them off to school – I think 5 is a cute age best spent playing cars and tracks, reading books together, huggles, building Lego, dancing to music, playing with water and sand, going for walks, making confidence courses – just doing stuff together. School and kindy just takes your darlings away from you too early.

    Homeschooling can be as ordered or as flexible as you choose [latter is saner].
    1. Relax – children love to learn anyway – trust them.
    2. Provide a fun, nearly safe environment at home – eg books, basic toys or kitchen equipment.
    3. Don’t spend any big money, unless absolutely convinced! [I’m in my 4th year and still waiting to be convinced.]
    4. Decide what your priorities are for your family and then order your life around them.

    I love the flexibility and wonder of the homeschooling lifestyle!


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