Too fat to fit!

I’m in that terrible stage between maternity clothes and regular pre-baby clothes. I feel fat and frumpy in the maternity jeans, that are well worn and shabby, and yet can’t even get close to fitting my regular jeans. I seem to be carrying more flab post baby than with the other two. I have about 18kg to lose! ARRRRGGghhhhhh! Easter hasn’t helped, (shhh…. I just ate a 50g chocolate bunny) and I know I really need to exercise. It’s hasn’t been a habit in my life for such a long time, and that makes it even harder to fit in in somewhere. I really would like to walk (and eventually run when I’m fitter) alone, and it seems the only way that’s going to happen is before D goes to work at 8am. I’m NOT a morning person, and with winter coming I don’t like my chances of keep up that discipline!

Nevertheless, the weight came off eventually after the other two, so I shouldn’t stress too much. Just don’t like the flab on the belly! Even B said the other day ….”Big tummy”…. He added to the discomfort in that situation by repeating it over and over as he prodded me. I was distinctly uncomfortable, even though no one else was there… silly is that…..embarrassed in front of a 2.5 year old!

Oh, and my engagement ring doesn’t fit my fat fingers! I managed to get the wedding band back on, but it’s just too squishy to fit the other one.


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