Mum, can you read to me?

Emma just asked me to read to her and I just realised how lovely it is to hear her ask me that. I have been making an effort to read to the kids more, and also to read more myself. I have hardly read in the last 7 years!

This has all come about related to my thinking about home schooling. I am almost certain that we’ll be taking Emma out of kindy from this term. She hasn’t been happy there most of this year. She used to love afternoon kindy, but I think the 5 mornings have been too much for her. There are a number of reasons. And a big factor for me was the last day of term.

The children had participated in a fundraising walkathon. We were unable to attend….(I was 37 weeks pg and it was at 5:30pm….D only finished work at 6pm). Those that had participated were given certificates. I don’t have a problem with this….recognising the childrens acheivement. So…Emma didn’t get one. I could handle that. Then (and this is where it gets really good!) children whose parents had given an additional donation were given a certificate! I could have cried when I saw E’s face.We hadn’t given money towards this fundraiser….we were only just managing to pay her fees donations anyway. She came to me looking completely shattered and asked why she didn’t get a certificate. I told her we couldn’t go to the walkathon. Then she asked why we didn’t give money. I was so angry I had to leave, and when we got home, I made her a certificate that told her she was a star in my eyes.

Am I over reacting, or is in completely inappropriate to reward/not reward children based on their parents ‘voluntary’ financial contribution????

An interesting point is that she hasn’t had nightmares all these holidays. Previously she was having them regularly. Poor little mite….think she was quite stressed out. (Get’s that from her Dad. )

Anyway, last night I told her she didn’t have to go back to kindy and she flung her arms around my neck and kissed me.

I’m so glad that instead of heading off to kindy every day, we’ll have the time and energy to do other things, like go to the library, visit friends, make stuff, baking. I’m already collecting a whole list of things we want to do.


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