No more kindy

Well, we’ve taken E out of kindy now. She seemed so much happier throughout the holidays and the several times we asked her if she wanted to go back, she said “No”. So it’s done. I was too chicken to tell them, so got D to ring up and explain ourselves. Not sure what was said yet as we’ve hardly had a conversation these last few days. It sure is busy at the moment, but I’m happy.
We have been having fun together doing stuff I never felt I had the energy for when she was at kindy every day. I don’t know how some Mum’s manage it really, I just don’t think I have a very big capacity for heaps of events in one day.

D said I could put some of the money used for kindy fees towards getting a nice collection of books and today I found one at the Warehouse for $4.50, so I couldn’t resist. It’s called Mr Large in Charge by Jill Murphy. It’s about an elephant family, and Mrs Large is not feeling well, so Mr Large looks after the children while Mrs Large has a rest in bed. I can sadly still relate.

Today we did some water colour painting, and B made such a mess (on the carpet!) it stressed me out sooo badly. I often think I’m so much a better mother to just one child at a time. I do enjoy each of them better alone and give them better time. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to spend some time with B alone. Poor boy gets the rough end of the stick sometimes. Middle child syndrome already? Maybe we’ll have to have another one?

On another note, related to home schooling, I’ve been watching a DVD series by a guy called Kent Hovind…..It’s basically creation science, and while I’ve never believed in evolution….. I’m realizing that it’s yet another contributing factor to my desire to home school. I just don’t think it’s fair on young children to be getting such mixed messages. Let me explain what I mean. We expect our children to obey their teachers and respect their authority, and then their teachers are telling them something that is in conflict with what we say. I don’t think it’s fair to make a young child choose between two authorities in their lives. When they are older, they will be able to reason for themselves, and recognise the different types of authority and their contexts etc. but for now I think that is not fair.

I need to go and bath R….he’s been cranky today cause he’s overtired, and hasn’t slept nor fed well.

By the way, I’m still fat.


2 thoughts on “No more kindy

  1. “On another note…” AMEN!!! Kent Hovind is great! We have some videos of him and he’s fantastic!

    This is one of the main reasons that we homeschool. I refuse to let my children be in a place for 8 hours a day where they are going to teach them things that are in direct contradiction of what we believe!

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