Lest We Forget

I have never been to a dawn service, and it’s a shame. I am so proud of my Australian heritage and extremely proud to be a (sort of) New Zealander. (I say sort of because I don’t hold citizenship yet…..downloaded the forms the other day and the cost has delayed it temporarily) Today we went to some friends for brunch (all S.Africans except me) and it was nice that they were curious about the meaning of ANZAC day and why the service is held at dawn etc. I found myself feeling very proud of the ANZAC’s and being able to explain what it was all about.
However, I really just wanted to stay at home and watch the televised march and the Hastings service and the various documentaries on TV.

What unspeakable suffering those men must have experienced and witnessed that terrible day and in the months that followed at Gallipoli. I stumbled upon a blog that has a great post here.


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