Told my mother

Today I told my mother that we are considering home schooling. It went a bit like this:

Me: We are considering home schooling.

Mum: Long silence.

Me: Well, it something I’ve been doing alot of reading about lately, and we think it might be the best option for our family.

Mum: Hmmm ..Do you know anyone who home schools?

Me: Yes, two families…good friends of ours.

Mum: The thing I’ve always worried about with homeschooling is the lack of interaction with other children.

Of course from here I explained that our kids would be getting plenty of interaction with children and adults of all ages. She could see my point. To her credit, she was actually quite interested and open minded about it all. I was expecting some sort of reaction and it wasn’t that bad really! I am sure we’ll get mixed opinions from people but it’s probably becoming more widely accepted now as homeschooling seems to be a growing trend.

Interestingly, by the end of the conversation, she commented, “Actually, you really do teach your own children quite a lot by the time they’re 5 anyway.” Good on ya Mum…my point precisely!

If I find this funny, am I already a home schooler at heart? Oh, and what is the connection between large families and home schooling?And, yes we already have our van sorted.


2 thoughts on “Told my mother

  1. Good. I’m glad you got a favorable response. My mom used to make comments about how she worried I couldn’t teach them everything, but I think she sees now that I’m in this for the long haul. My Mother-in-law has respectfully told me she doesn’t agree with me, but will support me. That’s really all I ask.
    Now days there are really so many options for co-ops, homeschooling groups, etc. My kids have way more interaction with kids than they would sitting at a desk all day. And, the environment is safe.
    Good luck with your decision!

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