Help! I need an interior designer, home organiser, cleaner, mother!

I took E to a birthday party today at the house of a little friend from kindy. It was a lovely home, uncluttered, tastefully decorated, clean and tidy. Everything mine is NOT. Ever.

It made me all thoughtful and disgruntled when I got home. There is so much that just isn’t right about our home. There are torn curtains on three out of four windows in the lounge, (thanks B), the pantry cupboard door has fallen off altogether, there is bare gib board showing in the kitchen where we pulled some cupboards off to make space for the fridge, (but that’s another story!), the bookshelf is cluttered with piles of random junk like broken cd cases, film cannisters, paper, buttons, remotes that don’t match any electronic device in the house (???), batteries (possibly flat) and whatever else.

Our TV is just plonked on a table it shares with an old stereo whose main job is to hold up the DVD player balanced precariously on top. This is to keep it out of B’s reach. (The boy who just drags a kiddy table over, and places a chair (pictured) on top in order to reach aforementioned DVD player)

Moving on to the dining room. My sewing machine is just plonked on top of an ugly dehumidifier, snap press sitting on the hearth. There are always piles of nappies in various stages of incompleteness on the floor near the table. In the corner is a rubbish bin full of fabric scraps.

The kids room (E and B share) isn’t too bad considering who lives in there.

Our room which R currently shares is a bit of a disaster. Aside from the cot and car seat and baby bag, there are boxes of nappies, and invariably mine and D’s clothes on the floor. The cupboards are messy. The curtains are falling off, and are a sucky nothing-blotchy-pinky-grey design which I hate but have never replaced since we moved in. Our duvet cover is 7 years old and I used to like it which is embarrassing in itself. There is nothing on the walls except a pic of D and I taken at Kari Kari beach before we were married. It’s an average photo, although holds nice memories, shoved in a cheap and nasty frame. It’s hanging in a random place where there happened to be a hook when we moved in. Next to it is a mirror equally cheap and nasty (courtesy of The Warehouse – where everyone gets a bargain.) which just happens to be broken. (again…..another story.)

Oh, ok I lied there is also a picture painted by my father-in-law which I actually quite like. Sometimes you can hardly see it above the clutter that accumulates on the chest of drawers.

Yes, that is a tool box and yes, there are breast pads there too.

This is getting all waffly, so here’s a pic of R’s room –

Yes, this is the baby’s room believe it or not. As you can see, we’ve been really creative with the walls to make it stimulating and interesting for him. We haven’t finished yet, it will be out of this world when he moves in!

And here’s my bathroom ceiling.

The point of all this is that E’s friend’s mum had previously suggested that the kids get together and play. Today I alluded to that and suggested the little girl could come over in a few weeks once she’d settled in at school, and that I’d call her in a few weeks. The scary thing is ….as I drove away I thought, “OK….that gives me 3 weeks to sort my house out!” Sometimes I’ve heard myself say I don’t worry about not living in a flash house, or bother what people might think. Who am I kidding????

So feeling decidedly jangled (that’s my word for the week, by the way) by all the clutter, I started a clear out. I cleaned the top of the fridge and filled a shopping bag full of rubbish. Don’t ask what….just rubbish. It was seriously grimy up there and while no one knows it but me, it’s now shiny and clean and white again. OK, it didn’t solve any of the problems complained about above, it made me feel like at least I was taking action. More action is needed. Heaps more.

I’m quite capable of making it clean and tidy (for a millisecond, before The Children and The Husband mess it up) but I have very little inspiration for making it….nice. Well, not just nice, but homely and stylish and …I dunno, designerish. That’s why I need help you see. It needs to be done on a shoestring, and I’m quite happy to be resourceful and creative and clever like Rachael with her recreated things, but My house needs a makeover, and I need inspiration. Does anyone one else get to the age of 30 and still not know what you like?

Well, here lies my challenge: Get this house organised, and looking fresh, without spending a fortune (that’s easy….we don’t have a fortune!) . Get creative, get resourceful and have some fun.


7 thoughts on “Help! I need an interior designer, home organiser, cleaner, mother!

  1. OH MY! I do think that your house is WAY neater than mine… I’d love to take that challenge of sprucing and cleaning with ya~I started today with my front garden! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Hi Sandi,Thanks for visiting. OK, so there’s a challenge for both of us. I started today by cleaning the bathroom ceiling. Didn’t quite finish as the little one woke for a feed midway through and the other two aren’t very well, but nevertheless, some action was taken!. Regards,E.

  3. Uh oh… I just learned how to check my comments through my dashboard~I’m in a challenge? LOL! I NEED IT! I think I’m worse off now than I was then…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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