Taking Action

Well, after yesterday’s moan about the house I actually did something about it. There’s nothing worse than someone who complains and grumbles and does nothing to fix the problem. Well, I’m sure there are heaps of things worse than that, but you know what I mean. Actually my husband really hates it when I complain and whine and don’t do anything about it, so really that idea comes from him.

Nevertheless, today I cleaned the bathroom ceiling. I got about half way when R woke for a feed. I also discovered that while I was cleaning the bathroom, B had been busy making a mess in the lounge, (toys everywhere – no big deal) and water paints on the table complete with a painted toy cell phone and soggy (and now) green toilet paper. I must be tired, because I actually cried, (just for a second) in sheer exasperation and started ranting and complaining (much to D’s annoyance) that “There’s no wonder this house is always in a mess. No wonder it’s dirty. I don’t know why I bother….. Just when I start to clean one thing, another room gets trashed!” Anyway I was a bit over the top cause it only took a minute to clean up and at least I did something that will make my shower tonight feel a bit nicer, and hopefully keep up the momentum of sorting out this house.

D helped fold the washing pile on the couch today, and emptied the dishwasher. (Thank you!). At the moment he’s making a cake. I only mention that because it is a bit strange, and I’m sure a memory will be made and I want to keep a record of it! I’m not sure why he’s making a cake. Just so you know, he’s making a Three Minute Sponge, which is a stupid name really because it’s taken him 29 minutes so far and he’s not finished yet. Or maybe it’s called that because it takes three minutes to eat. In this house, that’d be about right. I’ll let you know.


2 thoughts on “Taking Action

  1. Well done on making a start, that’s usually the hardest part! I sympathise on the bathroom ceiling, 3 houses ago we had a master bedroom with an ensuite and the whole thing – bedroom AND ensuite were wallpapered with cream heavily textured wallpaper. All behind the paper was mouldy and it showed through. There was NO ventilation in the bathroom and so the bedroom ceiling was always mouldy too. Disgusting. I mostly ignored it, until I was pregnant with B and started getting up on a ladder about twice a week and mopping the bedroom ceiling – completely ridiculous! At the height of nesting I stripped every single piece of stupid textured wallpaper out of the ensuite and left it as bare undercoat (but very clean & de-moulded!) walls. The landlord never even noticed when we moved out LOL. Enjoy your spongecake, and your clean ceiling! :)

  2. Thanks. Our bathroom does have a ceiling fan, but it doesn’t work, and even if it did, it takes the ‘wet’ air straight into the ceiling space, so wouldn’t be a good idea anyway!
    Spongecake was Yummy…more on that later.

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