Baby Wearing

Yesterday I was so lucky to have received a sling by Nelly ….from Nelly herself! I’ve never been a ‘baby wearer’ before and so far so good.

The afternoon was a good opportunity to put it to use, although I wasn’t sure R would like it. We were out most of the day and he hadn’t slept well, and wouldn’t go to sleep at home either. I thought I’d might as well give it a go, and I’d hardly finished putting the boy in there when I looked down and he was fast asleep! I guess I needn’t have worried that he wouldn’t like it! I did take him out and put him in his cot and he screamed blue murder! (What is blue murder anyway?)

Well, lets just say I love it! We went shopping this morning and he slept the whole time so contentedly and it left my hands free to hold on to the other two.

Please excuse the pic. It was a rush job, but at least you can see our cheap, nasty and broken mirror. It also demonstrates quite nicely the excess belly which is being nicely squished down by R in the sling)


3 thoughts on “Baby Wearing

  1. Thanks! I am enjoying it….although the boy loves it so much he won’t sleep in his bed today….Hmmmmmm did anyone else have that problem. He’s been a good sleeper most of the time, going off in his own bed. But now….sigh.

  2. Can’t help you there… my kids never slept in their bed, anyway. We finally just gave up, and figured they’d do it by the time they’re teenagers. :)

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