Inspired by a fit of rage when I came out to the lounge this morning at the mess the children (and D?) had created between them getting up and me getting up, and by The Bean’s post on Living in a Shoebox, I have resolved that today I will do something to declutter this house. Today’s mission:

  • Take the 5 empty and broken boxes from the front deck.

  • Move the spare bed base and mattress to the garage.

  • Do something about this pile of half made nappies. (OK…finishing them would be the obvious thing to do, but I’m a professional procrastinator and they don’t have to be finished for at least a week, so why hurry??)

  • Give away one bag of Baby clothes (girl stuff I’ve been hanging on to in case we had a girl.)

If I get this done, I’ll feel better! I like empty spaces, and yet it seems that if there is one, we feel obligated to fill it up with something or other. What’s with that?


Here’s the mattress-and-bed-free lounge:


4 thoughts on “Simplifying

  1. Well, the mattress and bed base have gone out to the garage. It was too heavy/awkward to carry on my own, and so as not to damage it by dragging it on the cement path, I rolled it there on it’s side with one end on B’s tonka truck and me pulling the other! This was fine until B took exception to his truck being used so I resorted to using the trailer of his Tuff Trike. Must have looked a sight! Anyway, the deck is now all clear as well and the bag of clothes given away. What’s more I’ve started getting rid of NB nappies R’s grown out of. As for the sewing pile…wellll. Still there.

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