Stuff Stuff Stuff

D and I have just had a long chat together in front of the fire. Soooo nice to have a long conversation without being interrupted. About time we had some time for ‘us’.

Feeling full of ideas and energy tonight. This is an almost forgotten feeling for me, and it makes me realise again just how pregnancy takes it’s toll on me. I’m so glad to be not pregnant now!

I’m feeling seriously inspired to carry on attacking this house and getting rid of stuff, and living a more simple life. Tonight I started to think of getting rid of some of the kids old baby clothes, and toys and some of my books and bits and bobs collected while travelling. I had a bit of a pang of “Nooooo…. I want to keep it” every time I considered another item, and it made me wonder why we have this almost innate desire to collect stuff. D and I were discussing it and he told me the story behind a picture he has kept from years ago and is in a cobwebby frame on our wall.

It seems that the ‘stuff’ we hold on to actually represents a feeling or a memory, and we keep the thing because we don’t want to lose that part of our history. Isn’t it true though that the memory is actually alive and well in our hearts, and (unless we get a nasty bump on the head), we can’t lose those things that are so meaningful to us?? Isn’t it more meaningful to keep these things alive by writing about them, or by sharing stories with our kids rather than keeping a box of ‘souvenirs’ in the cupboard?

So anyway, the quest continues and my broad plan is to work my way through the house and the final frontier will be the garage. Then, I want to get some decent cupboards out there and D and have one and I’ll have one of my own too. Even the kids can have one. For all our extra stuff. And if we still can’t fit all our stuff in a home of it’s own then clearly there is just too much stuff. So, exactly what sort of ‘stuff’ are we talking about here?

Well, apart from the really old Sentimental ‘Stuff’, there is the Surplus ‘Stuff’ like toys, buckets, kitchen utensils, plastic containers, socks, coat hangers, bags, or whatever else we have too much of.

There’s the Might-Come-In-Handy-One-Day ‘Stuff’ like the washing machine instructions, the warranties and boxes from various appliances (in case we have to return them of course), blank video tapes, cardboard boxes, stationary and three ring binders, wrapping paper, gift bags, empty photo albums, copious half used bottles of engine oil, roundup, 30 seconds and car polish.

There’s the Hardly-Ever(NEVER)-Use-It ‘Stuff’ like paint rollers and brushes, sandpaper, power tools, garden pots, potting mix, sleeping bags, guitar practice stool (came ‘free’ with the $3000 guitar), trumpet and pressure cooker.

And of course the Useless/Ugly/Broken-But-Too-Good-To-Throw-Away ‘Stuff’ like friends broken stereo, D’s broken stereo, my broken stereo, broken high chair, obsolete computer, not working kettle, decoupage platter wedding gift and two ugly bathroom mirrors.

This of course raises the question of what to do with it all? Therein lies my challenge.


2 thoughts on “Stuff Stuff Stuff

  1. “what to do with it all?” — Have a garage sale! :)

    We are in the process of cleaning stuff out as well. I haven’t really started on my stuff (I was painting the dining room today! :) ) but my husband has been working all afternoon on his office and closet. He just came through here and said he feels pretty good now after having cleaned out so much junk and trash.

    Someone I was talking to the other day was telling me something similar to what you were saying about keeping all the sentimental stuff. She said she knew somebody that didn’t want to get rid of some stuffed animals that had been collected over the years and they ended up taking some cute pictures of them and then framing and hanging the picture in her room so she could still see them and have the memories from them. I thought that was a pretty cool idea! Maybe some of the stuff that you really don’t need but hate to see go is something you could do that with. You could hang a picture of it or make a scrapbook or something. :)

  2. I like the idea of photographing sentimental stuff…Photos are cool for bringing back memories.

    I don’t think I’ll go for the garage sale…it requires the garage to have been sorted as well, and at the moment it’s a dumping ground for everything else. But…I can give clothes and useful stuff to the Salvation Army or some other charity.

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