Kids’ have a sixth sense

It’s called the “Mum’s-gone-to-the-toilet” radar.
I still haven’t worked out how they do it, but it’s amazing how they can detect this even from outside where they may be happily swinging or riding bikes and suddenly there they are. Right there outside the toilet door:

“Muuuummmm! Where are yoouuuuu!”

“I’m just on the toilet….I won’t be long”

(Now rattling the handle)

“Mum…can I have a drink??”

“Yep, just a minute….I won’t be long”

“Mum…..B pushed me!”

“E…..!!!! I am on the toilet! Would you go the the lounge and just wait a minute please!”

“But Mum…..”




This sense is also demonstrated by the “Mum’s-trying-to-grab-a-quick-chocolate-snack-from-the-fridge” radar. The child will appear out of nowhere:

“What are you eating Mum?”

What can I say….



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