OK, so this is a shameless vent.

I’m stuck at home all day because our car won’t start. I think the battery is flat, as D left the fog lights on last night. Well I think that’s what happened. I’m tired and being unreasonably ‘blamey’ but I feel so grumpy with everyone.

It’s Thursday and we were all packed up and in the car on time ready to go, which in itself is no mean feat, and then the car wouldn’t start. Grrr…… We were supposed to be going to my Mum’s coffee group which as sad as it sounds, is the highlight of my week. We drink lots of nice coffee, eat Tim Tams, and talk away while the kids play and run and have lots of fun, and their fair share of chocolate too. I relax. Which is something I just don’t do at home. I realised this yesterday while visiting a friend. I sat and chatted with her and enjoyed watching my children play and really enjoyed them. At home I don’t relax. I stress. I’m always feeling irritable that I’m picking up after everyone else, or working sooo hard at getting the kids to pick up after themselves. But that seems to require so much talking.

Anyway, I digress. So here I am at home at a loose end. You know when you have something planned and then the plan falls through and you’re left in a vaccum?? Oh, and speaking of vaccum, I just tried to vaccum the carpet in the lounge and it’s broken where the handle fits in, so it’s jolly hard work to hold it together while vaccumming. This happened after D used it last. Hmmmm….vacuum broken after D used it, Car broken after D used it. (??)

So, how to redeem my day? The first thing that springs to mind is Eat Chocolate. (Already did that…<tee hee>) Next idea….Do a couple of jobs that make me feel better (Clean the toilet, do the dishes) and then do something fun with the kids. Maybe we’ll bake something. I just hope R sleeps.

(He of course was woken to get into the car, dozed off again while trying to get it started and calling D for help etc. and then woken again to be brought out of the car to bed. He still whinges.)

I know…..we’ll make Ice Cream! Later.

Here’s the chocolate ice cream faces!


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