100 Things

A snapshot of me if you wanted to know.
1. I was born in a country town
2. I hardly ever get my hair cut
3. I love going out for dinner with my husband, but hardly ever do
4. I had a home birth for my third child
5. It was very very hard
6. I hate confontation
7. I’ll avoid it at almost any cost
8. I get along with most people
9. I once got caught shoplifting.
10. Never did it again
11. I’m the only daughter of an only daughter
12. I have an only daughter
13. And two sons
14. I love them all
15. I have larger than average feet
16. I used to play the trumpet
17. I still have one
18. I’m quite an emotional creature
19. I used to enjoy poetry
20. Probably still do, but don’t take the time for it
21. Summer is my favourite season
22. I often feel down in winter
23. I don’t like Pea and Ham soup
24. I love nearly every other kind of soup
25. I have green eyes, but one has a hazel streak
26. I studied at University
27. I did not attend my graduation
28. I’ve been to India three times
29. I’m sleep deprived more often than not
30. It’s usually my own fault
31. My favourite month is February
32. I love my brother
33. I’m a reforming procrastinator
34. I never formally exercise
35. I wish this 100 things list was my original idea
36. My middle name was given after an aunty who died one year before I was born to the day
37. I love eating ice cream
38. I hardly ever get sick
39. I still have two baby teeth
40. I did have three but one was pulled out.
41. I broke my right arm in primary school
42. I had my nose pierced the traditional way in Northern India
43. I let it grow over when pregnant with my first child
44. I’ve been proposed to by a Ugandan man I’d never met
45. I didn’t accept
46. I have ridden a camel and slept under the stars in Rajasthan
47. I once got so sunburnt as a child, my back blistered
48. This happened in Hobart
49. I have trekked the Himalayas
50. It was cold
51. I lost a lot of weight and got very fit
52. It didn’t last
53. My first car was a 1979 Toyota Corolla
54. I once wrote to the Prime Minister of Australia
55. He didn’t write back.. but I did receive a reply from staff
56. I’ve never met anyone famous
57. I don’t want to either
58. I’ve never seen falling snow
59. I have experienced the beginning of a monsoon
60. My husband and I lived in separate countries up until our wedding
61. We got to know each other by correspondence, phone calls, and two holidays
62. It is possible to cry for an entire trans-Tasman flight, and then some
63. He wrote me a song which he sang at our wedding
64. We honeymooned on a house boat
65. I always wanted to marry a man whose name starts with D
66. My husbands name starts with D
67. I’ve never been on a Marae
68. I want to one day
69. I have spent 47 hours on a train
70. I’ve never smoked a whole cigarette
71. I have a pink keyboard and mouse and a pink heart mouse pad
72. I have smoked marijuana
73. More than once
74. My parents still don’t know
75. I’m so glad that stage of my life was short lived
76. I am an optimist
77. My childhood bedroom had purple carpet
78. And purple/blue floral wall paper
79. My mother made me a purple lamp shade, and purple bed linen
80. I designed my own wedding dress
81. I learned to play the piano as a child
82. I can’t play now
83. I believe in God
84. I don’t consider myself religious
85. One day I want to travel again
86. I have a dream to help the poor
87. My garden is neglected
88. I only learnt to drive at the age of 21
89. I lived at home until I got married aged 23
90. I once punched my brother in the eye
91. I still feel bad when I think of that
92. I don’t have contact with anyone from high school
93. I have recently noticed that I have a few grey hairs
94. I pull them out
95. Given the opportunity, I’ll always sing Abba’s Dancing Queen at Karaoke, preferably not alone
96. I lack discipline
97. My husband says I talk when I’m happy
98. I don’t have any regrets, but not because I haven’t done stupid things.
99. This list was much harder than I thought it would be
100. You wont’ believe how long I’ve sat here trying to think of a good one for the last one. Stuff it, I’m going to bed.


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