School nightmare

My eyes popped when I read this post on another blog about a faked gunman attack (reported on CNN) to teach the children how to respond in a real life situation. The problem being they didn’t tell them it was a drill! A hooded teacher apparently even rattled at locked doors. I tell you what, I’d be beyond angry if that happened to my children.

I’ve taken my daughter out of kindy for much lesser reasons and there is no doubt that if my children were involved, we’d take them out immediately. I’d be interested to know what happens in the aftermath. I feel so sad for those kids. I know that my daughter would have nightmares from that sort of thing. (She has nightmares about the cats in Stuart Little! ) And while she is much younger (4 and a half) than those involved (around 11 years I think), I’m sure there will be quite a few traumatised children from that ‘Prank’/’Educational Drill’. (Which was it by the way??? The school seem to be giving confused explanations)

As an aside, how sad is it that they feel the need to drill the children on how to react in the case of a gunman? What’s going on????????? It’s madness!


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