Busy at home

I’ve been at home nearly every day this week. Our car was fixed on Monday so I made it to my coffee group on Thursday. Thursday was also D’s birthday, so the kids and I went shopping that afternoon for presents and we spent the afternoon wrapping gifts and baking cake. It went down well. And Friday, I took a bag of clothes to the Salvos, as part of my declutter mission. Other than that we’ve been mostly at home.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones to be at home with my children, and I’m starting to become quite happy with this busy at home thing. I’m finding myself occupied all the time, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do all that I need/want to do. I’m never far from the laundry with the endless piles of washing that my kids make. (My husband enjoys reminding me of my talk-myself-into-anything-if-it-makes-me-feel-better pep talk before E was born: “Besides….how much washing can a baby make?“) Apart from this washing, the day is filled with dishes, food preparing, table after lunch cleaning, swing pushing, drink getting, fight refereeing, block building, floor vacuuming, toilet cleaning, clothes folding, book reading, baby feeding, nappy changing and the list goes on…I’m sure you get the picture.

When there’s down time between all of this stuff that has to be done, I always have sewing to do, I like to read, and of course fit some internet time in. There are always heaps of things I want to do. This week it was to read about the Magdalene Laundries, after staying up past my bedtime to watch The Magdalene Sisters on TV. There are letters to write to long lost uncles, books to read, recipes to try, and things to make (E wants to make a play dough volcano and a ocean out of a cardboard box). There’s a garden to plant, photos to save, and rooms begging for a creative touch. The kids often inspire fun ideas, such as growing bean sprouts, planting sunflowers and  finger painting on the driveway, all of which we are yet to try. I don’t think we could ever run out of things to do together in this little home.

I may never go out again.


4 thoughts on “Busy at home

  1. I so love reading your blog. I am on the other side of the globe (mid-eastern US), but our lives seem to have all these wonderful parallels!

    I gave up work to stay home, too, and have never regretted it for a moment. (Well, okay, maybe a moment… but just one.) (Okay, maybe two.) (Just kidding.) I do feel so lucky to be here with my children and to make the house “home” for our family. My only problem is, I have to get away from this darn computer long enough to actually do some of the fun things I daydream about!! :)


  2. Thanks. You’re so right. Sometimes I wonder how much more I’d achieve if I actually got off my ample bottom and did the things I’m thinking about instead of reading about other people doing them! Probably a lot more!

  3. Once I got over all the things I HAD to do at home with my kids, I discovered all of the things I COULD do at home with my kids. Then the world really expanded and I began enjoying our life instead of just living it. I must say this has gotten easier as my baby has gotten older. I am looking forward to how much easier it will continue to get as they both age (oh, does that mean I will age, too?!).

    It just gets better and better, right? I love reading about your days!

  4. Yep, it is getting better. As I’m considering home schooling, it has made me more mindful of how we spend our days. I’m starting to realise, it’s much more fun to let go a bit of control and not worry too much about today’s ‘to do list’ and just enjoy the children and play more!

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