Like a lamb to the shearing shed

I just had my haircut. It was without a doubt the most horrible hair cutting experience of my life. I have had very long hair, and it’s quite thick, with a natural curl. I wanted it shortened by a few inches, since it hasn’t been cut for ages.

Anyway, the hairdresser managed to shorten it and cut long layers in less than half an hour. This is the fastest ever! And boy was she rough. I was in tears towards the end because she was pulling so hard, combing it through with a fine tooth comb, which is near impossible to do as anyone with thick curly hair will know.

You may ask why I didn’t say anything. Well, I did once I realised she was going to take no notice of my teeth clenching and grimaces. When I did say “Actually it’s really hurting me”, her colleague who had just come over to comment on my daughters dress said “Oh, do you have a sensitive scalp?” (Well not until now!) I just mumbled through quivering lips and with a scrunched up chin, and a wobbly small voice “I don’t know, but it’s quite curly……” Then I closed my eyes to stop the tears. Why was I so intimidated? Well, call me over sensitive, but I found the atmosphere aggressive.

Besides what does it matter if I have a sensitive scalp or not??? If it hurts, it hurts!!!! I don’t consider myself to have a low pain threshold either! I home birthed a 4.4kg posterior baby for goodness sake!!!

I couldn’t look her in the eye for the rest of the time…otherwise I’d cry. When she’d finished hacking at my hair, she whipped off the cloak, didn’t show me the back, and that was it. I grudgingly paid $25 and off we went. Once out of sight, I said to E that we had to go home because I was feeling a bit sad. My normally curly hair had had all the curl combed out to a frizz, which she tried to flatten with some product. I just wanted to go home and hide. I felt so embarrassed to be so upset about it, but at the same time soooo very angry at the treatment I’d received.

I can’t believe that I cried so much over this incident, but I know why. I have been waiting soooo long to do something nice for myself….My hair hasn’t been cut in months, and D gave me a nice sum of money for Mother’s Day to spend however I wanted. It was so disappointing to wait so long for a nice nurturing experience and to come out feeling intimidated, sore and ripped off!

The haircut itself isn’t as bad as expected, but I’m not happy with it. She cut largish chunks at a time so the finish is edgy and harsh. I intend to go and complain although I’m so chicken because I just might cry and I don’t want them to see my tears, because I get the impression they will laugh once I’m gone. I’ll take D with me to stick up for me. I don’t want them to fix it…..I’m not submitting myself to that again, but I just feel strongly that it’s just so wrong. I feel like if I don’t complain, it’ll happen so someone else. What if they did that to a little old lady or someone else who is vulnerable. There was a complete lack of care. She didn’t introduce herself or ask my name and gave the impression she was just there to hack of some hair, get the money and be done with it.

Well, never again! will I go to a budget no-appointment-necessary hairdresser. I’m quite happy to pay 4 times that price to to get a gentle, professional, careful haircut.

Now I know why the place was called The Shearing Shed. (I kid you not)


4 thoughts on “Like a lamb to the shearing shed

  1. awww hugs chickee :( I think we all have our own hairdresser horror story and this is definately one of those!!
    Absolutely definately complain. If it was me I’d just write a letter – because then you can direct it straight to management, say everything you want to without forgetting anything in the heat of the moment, and don’t have to front up in person, but whatever way you do it, I hope you get some seriously apologetic feedback!!
    Hope the rest of your day goes better xx

  2. I agree with the beanbag- write a scathing letter. I’m so upset for you I might write one myself…The Shearing Shed, indeed! Bah.

    As for me, I have given up on haircuts and gone straight for the massages. Much more revitalizing, though you often look worse coming out than you did going in. ;)


  3. Thanks for your sympathies. Feeling much better about it today. I’ll write a letter. Didn’t want to go and see them because it was all too emotionally draining. I’m not good at confronting people, but can write a darn good letter. They at The Shearing Shed shall be hearing from me.

  4. This experience sounds awful! But I know how you feel- I, too, have sat through a haircut without saying a word when I was uncomfortable or unhappy with the haircut or the handling of ME. I am very non-confrontational as well and feel like I should act “cool” in the beauty salon. Am I part of the group or not? I wish were stronger in these situations, too, and I often vow to complain in some way, but after venting for a few days, I give up.

    Go treat yourself to a pretty new pair of shoes or do something very unexpected. If you never paint your toes, get a pedicure. You deserve to be pampered for Mother’s Day, which is Every Day. If this haircut didn’t do it for you, try again. Satiate the goddess within!

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