I’ve got trembly legs

And not just becuase they’re wobbly, but because even though it’s after midnight, I just cycled for 7.79km in 20 minutes. I don’t know if that’s good or not, but it’s good f0r me given that it’s the most exercise I’ve done since…well at least a few years.

Today D sent me to the shop to buy an exercise bike. Well that’s sounds like he sent me but it was a mutual decision, I promise. We’ve been thinking about it for a while and today they had a sale on so we did it. We justified the spend on the health benefits, and I can talk myself into anything. It really wasn’t hard.

Anyway, I exercised at midnight because that’s what time it was when we finally finished assembling it. Of course I had to try it out straight away. Cool! I love it….no more excuses for me.

Oh, and get this. I start my workout and D is lying on the floor feeling tired and starting to fall asleep. I’m pedalling away furiously and ask”Does cycling work the butt muscles?” His sleepy (hence unfiltered) answer. “I hope so.” !!!!!!!!!! I mean I hope so too, but Come on Richard!

After my 20 minutes pre-programed workout, I got the jelly leg trembly thing which you get when you use muscles you haven’t used in a while. I haven’t lost any more weight since last mentioned… and I really need to deal a death blow to this flappy tummy of mine. My fat transfer breast feeding method isn’t cutting it anymore. Was I really so deluded to think I could breast feed away 18kg while still eating chocolate to my hearts content? Well, like I’ve said before. I can talk myself into anything.

I wonder how many km’s it will take to lose 18kg? Maybe I’ll have to keep you posted.


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