They make us think it’s too hard

We had tomato soup and crumpets for dinner. HOME MADE Tomato Soup no less! What inspired me was that last week I read the ingredients on a can of Tomato Soup and thought, “Oh, that’s simple, Why not do it myself.” So…..I did. I used a recipe I found in a Vegetarian cookbook I have. It was soooo easy, and so tasty.

There are so many ready made meals out there, I’ve realised that I have tended to assume those items are just too hard to make yourself. Things like bread, pesto, pizza bases, stock, pasta sauces, soups, fresh pasta etc. It’s so satisfying to cook from scratch, and it’s made me realise how lazy I had become and how many basic cooking skills are being forgotten. I’ve tried all these things except pasta, and it’s fun, yummy, and cheaper. Not to mention the accolades for being so clever!

Admittedly the main ingredient was a tin of tomato puree, but I wished I’d had fresh tomatoes on hand and I would have done that myself too. Which leads me to wish I had home grown tomatoes on hand too. I did have a vege garden last year, but it was sadly neglected and is now overgrown with kikuyu grass. However, a friend gave me two compost bins this week and so maybe we’ll resurrect the little patch and plant later in the year.

Anyway, the kids helped and it was done in 10 minutes. I love winter soups and tomorow is going to be Lamb and Vegetable soup out of the lamb shanks I bought today. Cheap but makes such a hearty soup. Has lots of lentils.

And guess what. It never occurred to me until I started this post that it may be possible to make your own crumpets. Why do I just assume that if you can buy it you can’t home make it??

Home made Crumpets here we come.


4 thoughts on “They make us think it’s too hard

  1. doesn’t it feel like such an accomplishment when you home-cook something just isn’t usually made from scratch any more? I love that! And really, most things are not too hard. I have made fresh pasta and while it’s not hard, it’s kind of time-consuming so I still usually buy mine. Very tasty though!

  2. Yes it does! I also made pasta the other day. It was time consuming but it tasted so much better than the commercial stuff. I don’t think it will be a regular make for us, as it’s so cheap to buy, but the kids enjoy making it so we’ll do it from time to time. I’ve looked at pasta machines which would make it a lot easier but they are pricey.

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