More Home Education thoughts

E will be 5 in 5 months time and I’ve done nothing about finding a school for her. Mostly because I don’t want to send her, and also because I’ve been so busy as always. Despite leaning towards home education, I feel that it would be irresponsible to not at least look at the schools. Then, as I write that I think it’s a stupid idea. If I am going to home school, I must be convinced it’s the better option for us, and if so why research the lesser???

I have been considering home education for a while now, and keep coming back to it. The more I read the more I can’t leave it alone and it’s a bit like what a preacher once said (don’t know who for sure) : “Light rejected is darkness embraced”. I can’t plead ignorance anymore and sometimes I think I should never have started researching it because then I could just be part of the status quo. I guess I’m just plain scared.

My concerns:

1) Do I feel supported enough in this world to do something that is not mainstream, and is often completely misunderstood? (This from another blog but I forget where…..sorry)

2) I worry that it won’t be the best thing for my children if I am stressed and frustrated all the time and unfortunately I am too often that way now. I’m fairly sure that some better parenting skills (read discipline) would help me here, and some days I’m confident that we’ll get there. Other days I feel so completely overwhelmed by the sheer workload, that making changes seems impossible. I feel like a clown spinning plates at the circus and while I know that there’s a better way, I’m too busy spinning to implement change.

3) E says she wants to go to school. We know of home schooled families and I’ve said to her…do you want to go to school, or do you want to learn at home like the C……. family? Her response has been ‘ I want to learn kindy at home and then go to school.’ I realise that it’s not her decision, nor one she can make at her age, but I have those niggling doubts that if I keep her home and she wanted to go to school, it’ll come back to me in years to come.

4) To a lesser extent I fear other peoples opinions and judgements and while I know it’s not their decision how we educate our children, I’m human and it does affect me. Along these lines, I also worry people (particularly friends) will think that I think I’m judging their decision to send their kids to school, or that we think we are superior.

5) Similar to number 3) is I worry that E will struggle with being different to her friends, as they are all getting excited about going off to school and some have already started. I know this is only a temporary thing, as it will settle down once home schooling is normal to her, but never the less, it’s a concern I have.

Having stopped kindy a while back, I don’t get as much child-free time anymore. I’d never wanted to send my children to school to get rid of them and maintain that there’s something wrong if I can’t wait till they turn 5 so I can ’send them off to school’. I cringe when people say things like…’I bet you’re busy…still, E’s turning 5 soon and then you’ll only have two at home’. Anyway…’s some questions I need to answer:

How much time is reasonable for me to have alone? (referring to the home schooling mother)

How to manage your day/week so that you get some time to yourself?

(This could turn into a whole other post, but lately I’ve found our days just too unpredictable and I’d like to implement some sort of routine.) What are some good ways to implement a routine and what are some good things to include?

Some recent reading that inspired this post: Rachael’s Soft answers to Hard questions ,this post on Why we homeshcool my regular visits to Just Enough, and some reasons for home schooling from Hawkhill.


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