Our Beautiful Girl

E in her favourite dress in the whole world. She would wear this every day if I let her. If it’s cold she wears it over jeans with boots or sneakers. It makes her feel like a princess/fairy/ballerina…. whichever she fancies on the day.

And yet….she’s just so cute in her jeans and t-shirt. (Forgive the holey jeans!)


2 thoughts on “Our Beautiful Girl

  1. yep, your kiddos are gorgeous.
    *beautiful girl* reminds me of my R13.. from the age of two until about eleven, R13 would *dress up* nearly every day.
    and for the last 24 hours (even in bed), J11 has been wearing a self-designed floor-length cloak…
    oh i love home schooling :o)

  2. Tee hee….kids are great aren’t they!? E wanted to wear her pink gumboots to bed last night. Her Daddy managed to talk her out of it.
    I’m realising the nice thing about homeschooling is that kids have the time to pursue their interests. A friend whose daughter has just started school was telling me that her little girl loves to make crafts and hardly has time to do it anymore. After school she has homework to do! (Aged 5!!!!) and being so young, it pretty much dinner, bath and bed to be ready for the next day.

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