Read read read read read

At risk of repeating myself, another post about reading.

The biggest secret to homeschooling, I believe, is to teach your child to read. Ignite the fire of learning underneath the seats of their little pants when they are just toddlers – and continue to expect them to read throughout their lives…and you won’t have to worry about their achievement tests in high school. This is true for any method of educating your child – not just homeschoolers. (Although as homeschoolers, you have the potential to know just how much and what they are reading every day. Sometimes you have to force them to stop reading…)” From Seeking Faithfulness.

Tonight I read The Little Yellow Digger to B about 7 times in a row. He didn’t appear to be listening to me as he was busy with a puzzle at the same time, but each time I finished he said “Again, again!” By about the 5th time I would leave a word out and prompt him to finish the sentence. Once he got what I was trying to get him to do , he managed to remember this from the first page: “poured and poured with rain“. Which sounded more like “Pile and pile to rain!”

When his Daddy walked in through the door he shouted “Daddy, we reading DIGGER!!!!”


2 thoughts on “Read read read read read

  1. totally.
    reading is really the central focus of our home ed’ing.
    the first three kiddos sometimes read all day… especially if they’re tired or “have their heads full” lol.
    S9 is a different story (ha!!! pun lol). he’s such an outdoorsy boy it’s been an ongoing challlenge to find stuff that interests him, the current fave is U2 BY U2 which is on our coffee table. i think i’m gonna pore over it with him.
    *love* your little digger story, you have the patience of job re-reading that seven times lol
    ok, i’ll pipe down now.

  2. “the first three kiddos sometimes read all day…”

    Wow….your house must be so quiet. I wish my house was quiet. My two big ones are quite noisy. We are still working on teaching them an inside voice and an outside voice. E has great projection. I can hear her whispering to me from her bed when I’m in the lounge with the door almost closed!!!

    Yeah….little digger was a bit much for me 7 times over. The “bigger BIGGER digger” bits were starting to come out all wrong. “The digger DIGGER bigger” and so on. lol

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