Home schooling pros and cons

Been thinking and reading so much lately. I’ve been keeping a list of advantages and disadvantages of home schooling as I go along and here it is. It’s a list for me, and not necessarily how others will see it, or how their experiences may be. They are in no particular order. I may add to or edit this as we go along.

· We determine curriculum
· Easier to fulfill biblical requirements e.g. Deuteronomy 6:6-7, 11:19
· Less daily travel
· Tailor teaching style to child’s learning style
· Develop close relationship with the children
· Character Emphasis
· Instill a life long love for learning
· No school fees
· More time for child to pursue interests/talents
· Freedom to travel anytime
· Can do things during school hours
· Can protect children from bullying or other negative influences
· Less peer pressure related to academic performance
· More efficient use of time (e.g. not waiting for 30 children to be quiet, 1 hour lunch breaks etc)
· We are with our kids 24/7
· Children can learn life skills e.g. house, baby, car, home maintenance, money,
· Impartation of our values

· Less child free time for me.
· Loss of potential income
· Fewer same age peers
· Messy home
· Home schooling expenses
· Less concrete feedback on progress
· No school photos
· Harder to run errands
· Extra stuff in our house – e.g books, material
· With my children 24/7
· Having to justify our decision to others
· Requires my full commitment to encourage, motivate, instruct etc.


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