A rambly post about work and play and a whole lot of nonsense.

This whole Home Schooling thing has changed the way I approach my parenting. I’m not sure exactly what the turning point was or what made it happen, but lately I’ve become quite excited about the future, and hopeful for good times for our family.

Some of it is that in discovering that just because there are professional teachers out there it doesn’t mean I’m incapable of teaching my children (and that just because you can buy bread or pasta or crumpets, it also doesn’t mean I’m incapable of making them!). This has given me a confidence boost and I now take a greater ownership of all aspects of my children’s lives. As a result, I’m more mindful of how we do our day, what we talk about, and what I want them to learn.

In thinking about our days, I decided that if we are to do a good job of home schooling, something has to change. Not major things, just more predictability about our day. I have been thinking a lot about daily routines and I know that my children respond well to a planned/moving forward kind of day compared to the random/reactive day.

So often I find myself grumbling “Aaarrrgghhh…..the kids keep interrupting my housework!!” (or whatever else it is I want to do) and it struck me the other day that I have it all around the wrong way. Wouldn’t it be better to bemoan the fact that my housework is getting in the way of raising the children?? I’ve become so intent of late on getting things done and lost sight of the fact that it’s not the most important thing in my day. I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive, and I think that the day to day housework is an important part of the children’s day too. However, I tend to want everything to be done before we embark on something else. This is because of my mother’s insistence that we work first and play later. This is fine when you have a finite list of things which have to be done, but when you’re talking about being in charge of the house which has been sadly neglected for ages and there’s always something to be done. The work part could go on forever! And, as we all know, housework is really never done, so that leaves me always busy with something and when the kids want to do something with me, I’m always telling them ‘Just a minute’.

This has all lead me to consider that I’m just expecting too much to happen in a day. I’m going to try to forget about all but essential chores for the time being and try to learn how to have fun with my kids again.

I though it would be helpful to implement some sort of routine into our weekdays. Not a by the clock schedule, but more a predictable rhythm to the day so we all know what happens next. So if I plan what’s going to happen, I’m more likely to sit down and do something with them, or go out side and play with them. Hopefully it will all end up being more efficient too, because I won’t be feeling all interrupted all the time because the kids will know that there is work time and play time.

Oh, flip, listen to me… I’m such a controlly, legalistic, ten steps to a happier home, try harder and it will get better kind of person! I can see myself giving myself some more rules to live by here in this. Blah. Think I’m getting tired. I am wondering though… Are all daughters destined to become so much like their mothers? Arrrggghhhhh!


4 thoughts on “A rambly post about work and play and a whole lot of nonsense.

  1. my hubby has the ability to WORK AND PLAY simultaneously… well, he still has the wonderful *play* gene, not sure how much work gets done now i really think about it. hahahahaha
    sometimes i think that i am the work police and he is the play police (kind of like Good Cop, Bad Cop…) so i keep the house going and he makes the fun.
    but then, as long as the washing gets out and we have dinner made, i’m ok.
    having said that, i’m on a huge TidyOutTheHouseAndTakeTheClutterToTheTip bender this week…..
    and at least we can relax on housework for another two years
    this comment is ramblier than your post lol.

    let’s try again:
    we have all sorts of predictable rhythms, usually set by the seasons, and ever-changing. currently, to get us through the winter, we have an activity outside the home every day (cos there are 3 extroverts at home and we go mad by ourselves lol). and in summer, we go to the beach as much as poss. i guess the rest of our predictability is set by FOOD: hobbit style….
    blah blah, i’m off in search of coffee X

  2. I think you have a great plan! I think you and I must have the same type of personality to a certain degree. I like a schedule and a plan for things and I’m much more likely to accomplish things – especially the important things – if I have a schedule planned out. I hope it’s a hit for you! :)

  3. Ooh Kate. Hope your Tidythehouseetc bender is going well. I love it when I’m bit by the cleaning bug. I’m still slowly decluttering my house. I’ve placed a large plastic tub in the house and when I come across something we don’t need/want/use, it goes in there to take to the Sallys. It’s nearly full, so will go off there this week.
    MLBAH: Thanks, love getting things done!
    Jenz: Thanks for popping by. Yep, it’s fun to have fun but you’ve got to know how! (The Cat in the Hat!)

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