My girl is sick

E has an ear infection. This is very disappointing as I thought we had out grown ear infections. Last winter E and B took turns one after the other from the begining of winter to the end. They both came within a hare’s breath of having to have grommits placed, but fortunately the glue ear cleared up on it’s own by spring.

So, the first cold she has had this year has lead to an ear infection already. Poor little thing is so sick. Doc said today to hold off on antibiotics for 48 hours if we can keep the pain under control and see if she can recover without them. I’m keen to try this, as I’m not keen on filling her childhood with antibiotics if not absolutely necessary. Especially as she had a bad reaction to an antibiotic last year.

So, she’s in bed. (Well, of course she is…it’s midnight!) I insisted she have a sleep this afternoon and she ended up sleeping from 4pm (after much resistance…..I ended up using medicinal help!…. she was so overtired and desperately in need of a good rest but was quite wound up ) until 10pm when she got up to wee, I gave her pain relief and she asked me to carry her back to bed. She has a mild temperature, so I really hope we are not in for another sleepless night. If she can get a good 12+ hours sleep in, I’m hoping her body will be able to recover. If not, I’ll start on antibiotics tomorrow.

This comes after D has just recovered from gastro which left him exhausted for a few days, B also had a bit of diarrhoea and a cold. Fortunately R and I are fine so far. I really hope we don’t have a repeat of last years winter sicknesses. It sucks.


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