Observations of E

E4 ½, years.
I have noticed E4 has a love for Biology. She has enjoyed non-fiction books about plants, the human body (senses) and most recently birds. She has also taken a keen interest in learning about our new compost bin, like what can go in and what can’t, how it breaks down, what it is used for.
She is also LOVES being read to. We have read all her books so many times, and I’ve just taken a huge leap and started The Magicians Nephew by C S Lewis. We have read four chapters in two days and while she probably doesn’t understand all of it, she is enjoying the fantasy and adventure of it. I have been questioning her about the story and she also stops me to ask questions. I’m enjoying re-reading it anyway.
She also loves to draw and write in her little notebook. She has enjoyed drawing pictures and writing letters to Uncle Geoff, Nan and Pop and Nan and Grandad. She enjoys the process of deciding what to put in the envelope, writing a letter (she dictates to me) and after I address it, she decorates with stickers. She likes to stick on the stamp and put it in the postbox.


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