Here I am

Did you miss me? huh? huh?

Nothing’s wrong. Just busy.

So a quick update:

  • E is over her ear infection after we ended up starting antibiotics. She still can’t hear perfectly, so I really hope that clears up soon.
  • D is looking for a new job
  • B is fine…funny, cute, busy, noisy, messy
  • R is now grabbing for toys, and showing an interest in trying to roll over (long way yet), and has started sort of sleeping through. (from 10pm till 5:30am and then back to sleep until around 8am)
  • And me….well, thinking of doing a mini makeover in our kitchen and/or bedroom, haven’t exercised for a couple of weeks and feeling rather fat and grouchy about being fat and sick of not fitting my nice clothes, and still excited about home schooling, have a friends’ 2 kids here today, so I’m seeing what it’s like to have 5.

4 thoughts on “Here I am

  1. lol yes missed ya *wink*
    go girl on the makeover, i giggled when i read your exercise phrase, reminded me of that song “she was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired…” lol
    so… what is it like to have 5???
    i’ve had only three for three days, hubby has taken two to The Big Smoke. can’t wait for a Blessed Reunion tomorrow X

  2. Thanks guys.
    Well, having 5 today was rather busy. They were aged, 6,4,3,2,3months. It would have been much easier if R 3months had slept. He decided today was a good day to have very little sleep, and when he did sleep, it was only for about 30 minutes at at time. The boys, (3 and 2 years) were boisterous but happy. We baked coconut muffins and also made balloon balls. More on that in my next post. Miss 6 went home at 5pm….Master 3 asked if he could stay for dinner. They just live round the corner so he stayed and his Dad picked him up later.

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