Boredom Buster #2

This is what we made yesterday. I didn’t get photos of us making them as I had my hands full helping the four of them and preventing rice from being spread all over the place.

Easy to make…. Just hold balloon by it’s mouth and spoon rice over it until it can’t take any more. Then inflate balloon to allow a bit more space. The rice falls down into the balloon. Let the air out and keep adding rice into the neck of the balloon. Inflate to move it down and so on. Tie. Cut off excess just above knot. Cut neck off second balloon and stretch it over filled balloon to cover knot. Add a few extra holes to let the other colour show.


4 thoughts on “Boredom Buster #2

  1. yep, these are so cool. the kids’n’i made a million of them for christmas pressies a couple of christmases ago… and they were really popular!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fun hey! Did you do it the same way we did? Is there a way to get rid of the knot and not spill rice everywhere?? It’s just that it’s a bit of a lump.BTW….what a cool Christmas present.

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