Snowflake and Cookies

E4 loves to draw and/or write, and apart from starting to write lots of letters, most of her drawings are rather abstract. Here’s her latest drawing of a cat. She’s been watching an animated Stuart Little DVD and there’s a “learn to draw’ session on the special features. It shows you step by step how to draw Snowflake the cat. It’s the proud mother speaking here, but I think she did a great job. It’s made me wonder that maybe I just need to get her going by showing her how to draw certain things.

The other day she spent about an hour sitting quietly making these play dough cookies. She had such fun putting colourful heart stickers on the top which was entirely her idea and something I’d never have thought of. (After all, stickers don’t go on play dough, stickers go on paper don’t you know!)

We wrapped them up to keep them fresh and showed them to Daddy when he got home. The large one on the left hand side is especially for him. It was in the shape of a heart, but was a bit over handled.


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