My Head is full of ideas

I love it that when you read something, it gives you thoughts you’ve never thought of before. That sounds silly doesn’t it, but really…I can almost feel my brain working and it hasn’t done much of that these last few years I’m sorry to say. It feels nice to make it think.

Things that are in my head are based around what I have been reading these last few days. I’ve just devoured When You Rise Up by RC Sproul Jr. I found it challenging, inspiring and it also confirmed in my mind many of the reasons I have decided to home school. There are a few paragraphs in the book that I disagree with (theology stuff) but overall sound and given me heaps to think about. I say “I have decided to home school” not because it has been only my decision, but because D is far less concerned with the details of it and much less analytical than I am. He’s happy enough to go with a conviction just because he thinks it’s the best thing to do. I however have felt the need to explore our conviction and know Why we do what we do. I think some of that will make a more quality decision and not something that is just a phase or a whim, and also, knowing the why’s will help me answer those who question. (Being the one who tends towards ‘people pleasing’ and wanting to blend in and all…I find it hard already when people ask when E’s going to start school. Being clear on why we are not sending her to school will help me answer that one.)

I never intended this to be a home schooling blog, and yet here I go again prattling on about it. I am finding that home educating and simply parenting, in my mind are becoming more and more the same thing. So much so that I don’t even want to use the terms home schooling or home education because it’s like saying water swimming. (OK…if that one doesn’t make sense, you’ll just have to gloss over it because although there is a point there, I’m finding it hard to make! It is late after all.) When I first considered home schooling probably 18 months to 2 years ago I used to say to myself and in conversation “Oh, I’m considering home schooling but I’m not sure that I’m cut out to home school” and now I see how I thought so differently then.

It just seems so normal to me now to keep my children at home and live life with them, teaching them as we go. Now I think that any parent is actually qualified to educate their children. Our parenthood; that in itself qualifies us. I see my children differently too. I am appreciating them for the blessings that they are to us and the incredible privilege and responsibility it is to have them in our family. I want to enjoy being with them (don’t get me wrong, I already do enjoy being with them) more and more. There seems to be something in our culture that tells us kids are an inconvenience and so often you hear mothers say they can’t wait to send them off to school. To me there is something very wrong in our families (and society as a whole) if that’s how mothers are feeling consistently. Of course we all have our days when we’d like some time away from them, but I’m talking about the pattern of our lives.

There’s so much more rolling around in my brain, but not formed into words yet. I’m sure there’ll be more on this subject.


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