Read Read Read Read Read

At risk of repeating myself, another post about reading.

The biggest secret to homeschooling, I believe, is to teach your child to read. Ignite the fire of learning underneath the seats of their little pants when they are just toddlers – and continue to expect them to read throughout their lives…and you won’t have to worry about their achievement tests in high school. This is true for any method of educating your child – not just homeschoolers. (Although as homeschoolers, you have the potential to know just how much and what they are reading every day. Sometimes you have to force them to stop reading…)” From Seeking Faithfulness.

Tonight I read The Little Yellow Digger to B about 7 times in a row. He didn’t appear to be listening to me as he was busy with a puzzle at the same time, but each time I finished he said “Again, again!” By about the 5th time I would leave a word out and prompt him to finish the sentence. Once he got what I was trying to get him to do , he managed to remember this from the first page: “poured and poured with rain“. Which sounded more like “Pile and pile to rain!”

When his Daddy walked in through the door he shouted “Daddy, we reading DIGGER!!!!”


2 thoughts on “Read Read Read Read Read

  1. Try this one:

    “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”
    by Helen Oxenbury (Illustrator), Michael Rosen (Author) ”

    Much fun can be had making it into a song. Wait for the actions to come out… will be BEAUTIFUL and worth noting for sure.

    Love me!

  2. Hi Tamara!
    OOOhhhh yes, that is a good one. Our kids know it as a song, but don’t think they’ve seen the book. I’ll get it out next time we’re a the library.


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