I Spy

Today in the car, E4 and I played our first game of I Spy. We had each taken a few turns and guessed each others. It was E4’s turn. She was saying the sound of the beginning of her word rather than the name of the letter so I took the opportunity to match the sounds to the letters. For example she’d say “something beginning with sss” so I would say” “Thats the letter S, something beginning with S. The sound is sss”

“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with fffff” she said.

I guessed a number of things like, fast cars, funny faces and so on. Finally I said “Fingers!”

E4 replied “No Mum, that’s uncorrect. There are lots of big ones around and it’s something for when you want to take a picture of something”

“Ahhhh” I said “Photos!”


One thought on “I Spy

  1. we’ve had some really funny ones over the years, i remember one of R14’s firsts when she was about three or four:
    of course it should’ve started with a “g” but i agree technically she’s right: it makes a “j” sound lol

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