On Peanuts.

I know that it’s about time I posted. Not that there’s a thousand faithful readers out there or anything. But for posterity’s sake…maybe one day my kids will read this and wonder what Mum’s been doing for a week. (Well kiddos….looking after you lot mostly.)

And here’s what happened on Saturday. We went to a little girls 5th birthday party and when I saw a bowl of peanuts on the table I warned E4 my little allergic girl to not even touch them. She stayed clear and was fine throughout the party. On the way home in the car she started to complain of itchy eyes. By the time we got home she looked like this:

I treated it with antihistamines, and although her breathing was fine, I dosed her up on her asthma medication too. Poor kid. Her lower eyelid was so swollen the skin looked taut and as big as the end of my thumb. Even four hours later there was little improvement:

I asked her if she’d touched the bowl and she said “No, I just smelled them”.

Oh dear….I really hope she isn’t becoming more and more sensitive to them. Fortunately though each exposure hasn’t affected her airway, so it doesn’t seem life threatening, but the Dr’s say they can’t predict if and when an anaphylaxis will occur due to repeat exposures.

I find myself feeling irritated that someone would have peanuts served for a child’s birthday party, especially when there were not only 5 year olds but lots of younger siblings and babies. (Thinking of the choke hazard here too). I know it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to change their habits for the few allergy sufferers, but it’s just my Mummy protectiveness coming out and so part of me says: No one should serve peanuts, or manufacture food on machinery that has processed peanuts at all. Ever. And almonds for that matter. Grrrrrr…….


4 thoughts on “On Peanuts.

  1. Oh no :(
    Oh!!! you are so true one has to be SO CAREFUL with peanuts especially around babies
    I dont think it is being unreasonable to expect more common sense
    I would have thought a wise person knowing there would be babies present would have thought of choking hazard if nothing else!!
    Its would have been so easy for a child to drop one and a little crawler to get it

    Im so sori your daughter had to suffer like that
    hope she comes right soon

  2. Thanks guys.
    Kate….I thought of Charlie Brown too funnily enough. Was trying to think of a smart/witty/funny line to quip about it, but alas….there was none. ;)

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