Message in a Bottle

ballon1.gifThis is just like a message in a bottle. Except it’s not a bottle, it’s a balloon, and it’s a virtual balloon. It all started here at Entering Eternity. (No idea what that blog is about because it’s in another language!!) I found a balloon flying over at Principled Discovery and caught it and now it’s flying here!

The idea is, on September 1st Entering Eternity will track them all down, and see how far they went. If you want to join in, you can get your balloon here. Then add your details (I used paint program on my puter) and post a comment to the place you caught it. (That would be on this site) Apparently there’s a prize on offer…..a packet of balloons no less!!!


If you’re like me and the The Police song of the same title is now rolling around in your head, you can have a listen here.


12 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle

  1. ohgosh, Hubby came home in the weekend brandishing *the very best of sting and the police* which has been playing day and night ever since.
    and the first song on the album is……..
    message in a bottle…..
    oh i love sting.. and bono…. and johnny depp.
    hahaha X

  2. Hi!
    My Blog is just a private one about everything ;)
    At the moment we are moving to another town, so I will update the balloon thing in a few days. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for playing along! One of my balloons flew all the way to New Zealand…I wonder if that puts me in the running for the longest flight?

    Maybe I should contact those researchers down in Antarctica and see if one of them want a balloon for their blog. Wouldn’t help you much…are there any research stations up at the North Pole?

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