I have a new friend

Through my friend J (who came to help me at R0’s birth) I met N.

I saw her last week and she said she’d be my friend, so now that we’re officially friends, there’s none of that social awkwardness about wanting to do stuff together or out lasting our welcome or feeling like we’re stalking one another, and we don’t have to be shy about saying “I’m coming over for a coffee”. Now that it’s been established that we’re friends, we’ll just treat each other like a friend. I like that about N. She just brought it up, put it out there and voila- Buddies!

Anyway, she’s an amazing woman…mother of 2, environmental activist, and so very creative and inspirational. She’s had her fair share of hardship but is living life full of vigour and energy. She’s one of those people who manages to achieve a lot, not just talk about it. I’d say I’m a talker, and she’s a doer. I love it that when I mention an idea of mine, she takes it for granted that it’s going to happen. I sometimes need that bit of ‘pressure’ to actually do stuff.

She loves to paint, make things, and oh my you should see her back yard! She has hand made mud bricks and created a beautiful outdoor wall/chair thingy with chess set in the centre. My pathetic description doesn’t do it justice. Then there’s her garden, with ducks and chickens and a huge compost pile and a soon to be vege garden. N also wants to home school so it’s great that our kids will be able to do stuff together. She live near myself and J, (also a seasoned home schooling family) so we have a nice little network going in the area.

She’s actually an answer to my plea way back in this post, about needing some inspiration for making our home nice. Today she came over with her kiddo’s and we had a bit of a brain storm about what to do about my kitchen. We’ve started with a phrase to sum up my style/preferences/theme, and it is Fresh,Pacific/Tropical, Lunch.The lunch part refers to the time of day that epitomises the light/colours I like.

So… on Friday we’re meeting up and she’s going to sketch our ideas so that I can show D and get him on board. (Only because I’ll need him to use the skill saw! Mwha ha ha ha ha) So….stay tuned! Hopefully there’ll be some action around here soon.

Thanks for a great day N and I look forward to more fun days with our families!


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