Daily Routines

Ahaa…..I just had what some call a light bulb moment after reading this post from Tammy over at Just Enough and Nothing More. I was thinking along these lines just yesterday as i was considering how to develop a discipline in an area without overdoing it and ‘burning out’.

I’m good at this, which can be easily demonstrated by my short lived exercise campaign which started here and ended about 4 weeks later. I go so hard at it that I can’t maintain the energy required. The motivation wanes and I stop.

The post mentioned talks about doing a little of something everyday to keep the engine idling so that you’re already in the groove when inspiration/energy/passion strikes. This is a great lesson for me. In my tendency to go into something full bore, I run out of steam and rarely carry things through to a life habit or completed project.

I really don’t want to do this with my kids. I like what Tammy says:

The “idling” activities are like that. “Just come outside and play. Just do any one of your workbooks you want to, any page, any number of problems. Just sit with me while I read this outloud for two pages. No requirement to finish. No requirement to do “good”. Just do. Idle.”

There’s something to be said for having daily disciplines in place. Things that after a while become the thread of your life. The greater overall vision for my life will only be achieved by including these daily little things. For example, fit and healthy will only come about by a daily practise of a little exercise; Clean uncluttered simple home will only come about by a daily/regular habit of tidying up and getting rid of stuff we’re not using. But rather than trying to completely revolutionise my life in a day, I should just daily do something small whether I feel like it or not, and just maybe one day the inspiration will strike to do something amazing, and I’ll have the drive to get it done.


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