I have so little to say it’s not funny, but you gotta start somewhere and since I haven’t posted in about 12 days, I’d might as well start here:

About a week ago, my new friend N came around and was supposed to be sketching some ideas for our kitchen and we ended up rearranging the lounge, and attacking the clutter and inch thick dust on the bookcase. Here’s a before and after:


The shelf at the bottom that you can’t see has a basket of books for the kids, (library books) and E’s box of colouring books, and other art supplies, and a box of cars for B.

And now one side of the lounge looks like this:


The large couch is the one seen in this post, which has swapped places with the TV.

The other side still needs some work, although the TV table looks much better than it did back in this post when I first started to whinge and complain about the state of our house. Where the TV was back then, is where the bookcase and lamp are now. Those with sharp eyes will notice the torn curtains are all gone, and we’ve actually grown to like the bare windows during the day, as there is much more light.

It was such a simple move, but now I feel so FRESH! I love the more open space, and finally our home is starting to reflect who we are and how we want to live.

This move was all possible because I’ve recently put my kids into TV detox. (They were becoming seriously addicted and ironically after I saw something on TV a few weeks ago about kids and TV, I decided to make a concerted effort to seriously limit it.) Having only one TV aerial plug point in the room (where the bookcase now sits) we had never previously considered having the TV anywhere but there in that corner. Now I’m so glad it’s gone to the other side where it is less of a focus and now the bookshelf corner with reading lamp is so cosy at night. I feel like we’ve created a bit of a library and I’ve started reading more, and listening to music more in the evenings because it’s so nice there. The children have started to get a book and sit there and read during the day too.

The detox is going well…they are hardly even asking for it now, and I’ve noticed more imagination play going on. There are more altercations between them but this is related to too much tv as well …(a whole other post here which I may write someday).


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