Tired, Tired, Tired

“I’m so tired. ”

I hear myself say this a hundred times a day. R (nearly 5 months) has a wake up at 5am habit and to me, anything before 7:30am is still The Middle of the Night. He’s not waking hungry because he refuses to feed…and actually he’s tired and should just go back to sleep, but whines and carries on to the point that yesterday I spat the dummy and grabbed my pillow and went to sleep the last part of the night (from 5:45 until the big kids wake up around 7:30) on the couch. Poor husband was left holding the baby. Literally. He (baby that is, not husband) still shares the room with us (us being husband and I , not baby and I) because his (R’s ) room still looks pretty much like it did here.

I’ve decided that sleep can never be overrated. I have been getting tireder (I know that’s probably not a word, but if I was talking to you face to face, that’s what I’d say) these last few weeks. R had a week of fevers about 3 weeks ago, which over the course of the next week developed into bronchiolitis. Poor little chap. He’s been rather miserable and now has terrible sleep habits during the day and at night. I think he’s finally recovering now.

D works late hours during the week….only getting home at somewhere between 6:30pm and 7pm, sometimes not seeing the kids before they go to bed. As for family dinners…well, I can’t remember the last time we ate together at the table. OK, so it was probably last Monday (his day off) but it seems like we never do that anymore and I find the evenings the most tiring part of my day. Not just because I’m tired, but feeling lonely by then, feeding, bathing and putting the children to bed on my own. To me it’s supposed to be family time, and I really wish his job didn’t take that time from us. We’re currently considering a new job/business opportunity that would mean more family time, flexible hours and in a field he loves, but being our own business would mean a degree of risk, so….still thinking through that one. I’m so excited about the idea though as it would so fit in with our family vision and home schooling plans. (Oh, and by the way…the family breakfast thing just isn’t happening! It’s mostly my fault because I find it so hard to get up early….especially while R has been sick, but I still hope we can work towards that as the children grow)

So…sleep is something I really need. I know tonight will be a late one as I have a large order (and another one) to get done by Monday. A Sunday afternoon nap might just be the thing for me….ahhhhh.


6 thoughts on “Tired, Tired, Tired

  1. is it possible for you to have an afternoon sleep
    my sister has a large family but the older ones watch a dvd and the little ones sleep – every afternoon

    I am just the same – I use to be a night owl – not anymore – is it possible to change – I dont mind waking early 6am is ok for me now – but I find that after dinner I just want to go to bed and sleep

    I am praying for new job/business opportunity it would be good

  2. *blows kisses and says something trite like*
    this too shall pass.
    it will, this super-intense-time will truly pass…. and you’ll look back and remember Pudgy Cheeks who Knew you were The Most Beautiful Creature in The Whole Wide World, and Baby Cakes who Needed Mamma and Nobody Else Would Do…. and Gorgeous Girl who Read All Those Stories to Little Brother While You Balanced Bubba on your Hips and stirred all those stews….
    loads of love and strength and peace to you chick X

  3. Thanks Jen…no news yet. Still in the researching phase.

    Awww… Kate, you really know how to encourage a girl don’t you. Your comment with all the cutesy names and all made my heart go all gooey, and got me thinking about how great our kids are and voila!…a post all about our Gorgeous Girl. And yep, you got all the kids right…Pudgy Cheeks aka B2 loves to kiss my cheek at bedtime but I’m not allowed to kiss him (although I sneak a few in when he’s not looking!), Baby Cakes aka R5months started rolling this week and is now a rolling bundle of deliciousness, so ‘Cakes’ is an appropiate reference, and Gorgeous Girl aka E4….a great big sister! and does indeed entertain the boys. Thanks for the love!!

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