A Message for My Girl

E… you are such a treasure. I am so enjoying our days together and discovering things about you. I love learning with you, and learning about how you think as we chat along in our day.

You have a beautiful heart and an enormous capacity to love and be loved. Ever since you were a little baby, you have spread your joy around with that lovely happy smile of yours. You love being with other people and they love being with you. You’ve always been able to make people smile, even strangers in the street, and we’ve always said there is something of God’s favour on you in the way you make people feel happy. You have an irrepressible joy inside you and it just bubbles out all day long with your chatter and singing and dancing.

Today your little brother R rolled around the room for the first time and you were so excited you nearly burst. As you told me about what he’d done you whooped and smiled and delighted. It showed me ever so clearly that you are an encourager and that you genuinely rejoice at others’ successes.

I love it that you love to dance. Music really gets you going and I’ve so enjoyed watching this interest of yours gain momentum as you’ve grown. Your bubbly happy personality shines out when you dance. Keep it up girl! Dance like the princess you are.

I hope you know how proud I am of you. Just for being you….just the way you are! You are a great kid, a lovely daughter. Your brothers adore you, and I’m so blessed that you love to play with them and are so kind to them. It’s been beautiful to watch the bond grow between you and them.
I love you so very much. Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am to have the family I have and you my first born are a blessing from God for all of us.

Big Hugs!



5 thoughts on “A Message for My Girl

  1. what a lovely post
    your sound like you have a delightful daughter
    what a lovely big sister she is
    she has a lovely smile and seems very happy
    I would say its a tribute to having a excellent mum like she has :)

    have a happy day all of you

  2. Jenz…thanks, you flatter me, but really every kid is great and has treasures inside.

    Jen…yep, I plan to. I have a small collection of letters I have written to my kids starting shortly after they were born and 1 for each birthday. I’ll have to include this too.

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