High Point Low Point

High Points today

  • Warm sunny spring weather.
  • My bulbs are flowering…fresias. Love ’em.
  • Coffee with friends at weekly Mother’s group.
  • E4 cheerful and happy today, spent ages (probably a few solid hours) colouring and practising her writing.
  • The kids and I saw a hedgehog wandering around the back yard.

Low Points today

  • B2 blocked the toilet with a Whole Roll of toilet paper.
  • It’s still blocked at 10 pm because I can’t face digging it all out. D has gone to bed. (Yep, I admit, I was fully expecting him to deal with it when he got home. Is that bad?)
  • R5months fell off our bed today and it was my fault because I left him there and he’s recently learned to roll and yep..he rolled off. Thud. Scream. Cry cry cry.
  • R5 months fell off our bed AGAIN! Thud. Scream. Cry cry cry. (Yes people, I did it again. I can’t believe I’m that stupid to make the same mistake TWICE IN ONE DAY!) Red mark on head. Consider lesson learned.
  • I’m facing a heavy relational issue and it’s hanging over my head. I hate confrontation, and I have to confront something. (Involves my child) It’s a serious issue, and I’m such a chicken I’ve put it off for 2 weeks.

One thought on “High Point Low Point

  1. Im enjoying the much better weather too :)
    I love seeing all the beautiful spring flowers
    Mother’s groups are good arent they we love Daniels playgroup
    well done to E4 may she keep that up
    How interesting to see a hedgehog

    Oppps blocking the loo isnt so good

    poor R5 gotta really watch them dont u and it can happen so quickly
    hope alls well now

    Praying for you and your child(ren)

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