Toilet Rolls and Two year Olds

What is it with little boys and toilet rolls? I guess it’s probably just the beginning of the general boyish fascination with toilet humor, and with two little boys in the family, I’d better just get used to it. I know that it’s not just my boy that has a thing for all things Toilet.

After blocking the toilet completely last week by unravelling a whole roll of paper into it and flushing several times, this is what B2 got up to just a day later.


In case you’re wondering, no that isn’t B2 in the photos…that’s little R5months – Just learned to roll and busy getting caught up in the fun of unraveling 24 toilet rolls through the lounge and out on to the deck to make train tracks.

(Incidentally D did unblock the toilet. The following afternoon. Yep, I simply didn’t unblock it and it flushed satisfactorily if you only did a half flush. If you did a whole flush, (and I can’t believe I’m telling you this) the water rose and rose right up to the brim while I shreiked “No NO NO NO NO STOP STOP STOP STOP AAAAArrrrrrrgggghhhhh………. bother!” while it dribbled over the side on onto the floor. It is probably way too much information to tell you that fortunately for us, there were no ‘number 2’s’ until after the toilet was unblocked. But I’d rather just mention that in case you were all imagining, well….too much.)


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