Observations of B #3

August 2007 – B2
Our lovely boy is growing up fast. His counting is coming along. He’s consistently getting up to seven or so, and numerically understands about 4. He has developed verbally in the last month. Now using longer sentences and from time to time says things like: “I can’t say: ————–” (insert tricky word) and then says it over and over. If he gets it right he says “I can say ———–“. So, he can hear what is being said and works hard at getting it right.
Still LOVES trains. Will probably get him some for his birthday.
We’ve been going to folk dancing weekly and today after 7 weeks he participated for the whole lesson. The first few he sat on the side. Around week 3 he joined in the ones he knew like “Hokey Pokey” and gradually has been joining in more and more. I’ve so enjoyed watching him settle in. It seems he’s reluctant to try until he has observed many times, although he sings the songs later at home and talks about the class even if he’d sulked his way through it. Today he laughed and ran with the other kids and I was so proud. (Although secretly I was proud each week when he learned in his own way and repeated what he’d learned at home).


2 thoughts on “Observations of B #3

  1. good on him :)
    sometimes it takes kids a whiel to feel comfortable enough to particate

    I will look forward to reading your new blog

    I home schooled several years ago :)

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