Observations of E #3

Our lovely girl is growing so fast. She has been steadily learning her letters by completeing the pages of a colouring in book I gave her. She has to stick on the correct letter sticker (upper and lower case) then trace the letter, then practise it. Then colour the pictures. I’ve let her do it at her own pace and tried no to make her do it ‘right!’ Which has been hard for me. Rather I’ve let her do it herself and sometimes she’s asked for help. There’s plenty of time for her to learn the ‘right ‘ way of doing things. Besides she’s doing a great job by herself anyway.
Reading time has dropped off a little (my fault) although she still loves it. We finished The Magicians Nephew and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We got to about half way through The Horse and His Boy , but today she asked if we could stop reading it as it was a little bit boring for her. The story is interesting enough but I think she was getting a bit lost in the writing style which is more suited to older children that the first two books.
E4 has been enjoying folk dancing this term We’ve done 7 of 8 weeks, and she’s picked up the steps quite well. She has gradually been participating more and more in terms of contributing answers to questions about favourite dances and today she took a turn in the Ponchinello dance (she did big ballet actions for us all to follow) as well as being a scary bear in the middle of a circle dance. It’s nice to see her becoming comfortable there and confident.


2 thoughts on “Observations of E #3

  1. It really is an interesting thing, from what I gather, to watch children grow up.

    I don’t know if I’ll live long enough to have some of my own, yet I really like the idea of parenthood…

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