It’s funny how often it happens that as I read my regular bloggy reads, they are thinking the same stuff as me!!! Scarily, as I’d just finished writing a list (and finding it made me feel very organised and in control even though it was about something that doesn’t make my life more organised in the least!) about our favourite books, I read Mother Me’s post about lists.

And this morning, I was up before my kids. Now usually I stay in bed until I hear D’s car drive out of the drive way since I figure that at the ages of 4, 2 and  5 months they probably need some adult supervision. He’s usually been rushing around getting ready for work, and the kids have usually been up for about half and hour by then. When I come out it’s on for young and old and younger as they scramble for my attention to get them drinks and food. They have realised by now that they stand a better chance of getting food and drinks from me rather than Dad.

He’s the Dad who when looking after E or B when they were a year or so old, I’d come home from wherever I’d been to a whingey grumpy child who’d run to me with relief in their eyes.

“Did you give them something to drink?”

“No, should I have?”

Anyway, getting back to this morning. I was up at my usual time as D came to tell me he was leaving, and only our little one was up. For reasons unknown, the other two slept until nearly 9am. This is about an hour and a half longer than usual.

Oh, my goodness. I had just a lovely morning. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being with my kids, but they don’t exactly warm up slowly. As I’m sure most mothers can attest, they wake up full tilt, flat out, maximum volume, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go!

First I fed R5m,  changed his nappy and dressed him for the day. All this in silence. Quiet. Then I made a coffee, and sat at the table and READ A BOOK! I drank the whole coffee while it was hot, then I tidied the kitchen, and put R back to bed for a nap, got myself dressed, opened the curtains and let the sun in and read some more. Still they slept. It was blissful, and just when I was contemplating folding the clothes (huge mountain on the floor) they emerged. Fully awake, raring to go and hungry. But instead of feeling overwhelmed and jangled by their noise and chatter, I was awake, and in control and ready to start our day together. Instead of shushing them “Shhh….it’s early, you don’t have to shout” I laughed with them. So…in that moment I thought

“I should do this every day!” (Brilliant huh!?)

I could have myself ready for the day, dishes done, washing started and yesterdays wash folded all before they wake up. How good would that be!
Which would have been the plan for tomorrow however, it’s nearly midnight and so it’s unlikely I’ll do it.  To be up before the children would only require me to be up at 7am, so while it’s technically the Middle of the Night, it’s not as bad as 6am. Which leads me back to the point which is that Sarah is getting up early tomorrow too.


3 thoughts on “Uncanny

  1. what a lovely start to the day
    Yep little kids wake up full of life and ready to go

    however and this is a big however my 12 year old is not a morning person and he takes forever to get going in the mornings

  2. Oh, that is me. Up too late, and then wanting the kids to pipe down in the morning!

    And in case you didn’t see…we won! The balloon you picked up from my site was the furthest flying balloon. Isn’t that cool?

  3. Yeah, I did…that’s funny. I’m not following the whole thing very well because of all the German! But I gather we get a little prize? Do we have to email her or anything? I gather you speak German too…

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