Random Question #2

  • Is it bad netiquette to add someone to your blogroll or link to a post without asking?

(Why? Because I do it all the time and just wanted to know if I’ve left a trail of blog faux pas behind me.)


6 thoughts on “Random Question #2

  1. Nope, no bad netiquette. Look at it this way. If someone gave a speech at your church, would you ask them permission before telling them they did great? A link is the same. It means, “Great job!”

    Even when the person is criticizing you, it means that for whatever reason, they thought you worthy of challenging in the discussion.

    Links are the pats on the back of blogging, and some people actually send out emails requesting links…or even pay for links!

  2. Yeah…that’s what I thought.
    Kate: Yep.. I got a bit of a fright when I noticed someone had me on their blogroll! Couldn’t believe anyone would no only read, but come back again! ha ha.
    Thanks guys.

  3. I don’t think it’s bad netiquette, either. I used to wonder if it was bad netiquette not to return the favor: I used to quickly add that person to my blogroll, or link to them somehow. I still do one or the other, *if I like the blog* and if I’m sure to return there. I’m much more careful with my returns of favor, now, than I used to be. There are some people that link to my blog, and it has me wondering, “Why??” KWIM? I don’t see, by looking at their blog, why mine would appeal to them. So, I just sort of scratch my head and move on, with only a slight twinge of guilt. (I did, before I posted this, check to make sure you were on my blogroll!! I don’t want you to think I’m referring to you!)

  4. Thanks Karen…I don’t feel guilty either if I don’t return favours/links. I add blogs that I like just because I like them, not to get linked in return, and that’s what I assume about people who’ve linked to mine.

    Sometimes I’ve read comments on peoples blogs, and to me it seems they are commenting just to get noticed? and maybe get some clicks from other readers. I’m not against people increasing their readership, but it’s better if people comment if they have something to add, or some contribution to the conversation rather than just comment to get clicks.
    disclaimer: NOT referring to anyone who comments on my blog….talking more about the BIG blogs (e.g. the wordpress announcements) so people, please comment away….. I LOVE comments! (Makes me feel special!)

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