B2 Draws

B2 hasn’t been the keenest drawer, and is reluctant to colour in. If he has a colouring in book out he brings it to me to colour for him. However, I bought some white board markers for a little white board the kids found in the garage the other day and it seems he likes it.

Here’s his first ever recognisable picture: (Note he has drawn the entire thing upside down)

I love the look on his face. He was so proud. (I am too!)


2 thoughts on “B2 Draws

  1. what a clever mummy you are and your kids too that found the white board
    Im pleased he likes drawing on it
    I wouldnt be too fussed about him and colouring books
    why colour in when you can use your own creatively and draw your own thing

    it makes me wonder about the fact that hes drawing upside down though

    wonderful drawing I particularly like the eyes

    well done and keep on drawing B2

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I’m not really worried about the colouring in…he’s still very young. (although it is good for pencil control)
    He drew it upside down because often my husband draws funny faces for him and his sister and he usually sits opposite him at the table. Hence he has learned the face upside down!

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