I haven’t posted for ages because I’ve recently discovered Facebook and I’ve been wasting hours searching for old friends, and people from school. spending ages finding friends that really would like to know what I’m up to.  So, if anyone who knows me in real life and knows my name, you can find me there. Be my friend if you like…I’ve only got 5 and some of them have about 100, so it looks like I need all I can get.

I have more things to post, but since I’ve been spending so much time trawling Facebook, my daughter is in need of some attention and wants to spend some time with me. But I’ll come back later and post about the fresh new dining room and kitchen colour, and my birthday and Enjo and pampering myself and whatever else.


2 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. oh that’s where you’ve been! i thought maybe you were hiding over at your new homeschooling blog lol.

    Well. I THOUGHT i knew your real name, but I can’t find you, so maybe i’ve just been reading the blog of someone completely different than who i thought all this time ROFL. You know MY real name, so find me, k?


  2. :-)
    Nah, the homeschooling blog is just as neglected as this one! Although finally posted today.

    I think I’ve found you over at facebook. (Oohh goodie, a new friend.) But if you don’t get a request today, I’ve picked the wrong one!

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