Look what we did.

We being my friend N and I. We made up the colour ourselves using some paint N had in her garage, along with some paint I had in my garage. The first day I loved it, but it’s slowly seeming a little ‘baby blue’ rather than ‘sky blue’ which was what I was thinking of at the time. I’m wondering if it looks more like a baby’s nursery. It’s still a lot better than the cream that was there before and which is all through our house including the ceilings. I’m planning on some artwork for the main part of the wall, and something to cover the naked kitchen window.

Now I want colour in every room!


5 thoughts on “Splash!

  1. no jokes, i was just thinking *whang something up on the walls* and then you said I’m planning on some artwork for the main part of the wall
    can’t wait to see what you dream up: are you gonna *do it self*???
    i’m rather partial to kids’ artwork myself :)

  2. Thanks MM. It’s fun!

    Kate…I’ve never considered myself artistic, and can’t really draw. I’ve considered having a go at doing something on a canvas, and see what happens. I’m thinking of some bright tropical flowers or a view of Rangitoto or something similar….with those colours at least. I like the idea of something with the colours you find in NZ. D and I are both not born here, and it’s become our home and I want to celebrate where we are right now. I’ve been trawling trademe art section and there’s some great stuff there.

    Your idea of kids art is also a good one….maybe an art wall, with various pieces. It would be appropriately placed as it’s really a family area and the kids do all their drawing and ‘school’ work there.
    I’ll give it some more thought.

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